About Us

Comfort Pet Beds is a business run by rescue pet owners, the love for our pets have driven us to find ways to help our two amazing rescue labradors, Rex and Harmony who both suffer from Anxiety. 

Rex and Harmony both suffer from anxiety and probably were not what their owners thought they would be when they bought a Labrador, we are so happy we found them through a rescue group they have changed our lives. 

Since using our Comfort Pet Beds, both of our fur babies have been far more calm, they play a lot  more and have big personalities that we get to see. 

Harmony would always be filled with nervous energy and walk around between our living area and our kitchen non stop while Rex would find a place to hide his head, usually under our coffee table.  Now both Harmony and Rex use their bed and all effects from their anxieties have disappeared.

The business owner lives in Queensland,  Australia and will be donating $2 from every bed sold to a charity to support either an Animal Shelter or a Rescue organisation.